Ammos Vacation Rental is a licensed vacation rental operator that manages seasonal rental properties in South Florida. We currently exclusively managed more than 20 luxury properties fully furnished located in some of the most desirable areas around Miami.

Founded in 2014, AmmosVR has been attracting more than 10,000 travelers from all over the world. We have established relationship with some of the most remarkable names in the industry such as Airbnb; Booking.com; TripAdvisor to name a few.

Our Goal

Ammos Vacation Rentals’ goal is to offer a comprehensive property management service to our landlords thru our exclusive platform while delivering the best possible vacation rental experience to our guests.


At AmmosVR; our core values are responsibility, transparency, and innovation.

We honor our values by gathering a certified professional staff combined with state of the art information system dedicated for the Vacation Rental Industry.


Our team consist of dedicated and professionally certified staff

Hernan Gambertoglio

Managing Partner

Juan S. Ochoa Rolotti

Managing Partner

Romina Barrera

Reservation Manager

Angie Risso

Marketing Manager

Ignacio Sinobiezer

Check in manager

Jannyna Sosa

Check in Manager