The difference it makes to have a Professional Company managing your Listing

Since Ammos Vacation Rentals inception back in October 2014, it’s surprising how much the Vacation Rental industry has changed in this short period of time. For instance, let’s take the example of one of the major players in the industry; Airbnb.¬†Since entering the hospitality scene in 2008, Airbnb has evolved from a trendy upstart to a full-on game changer with accommodations in nearly 200 countries around the world.

We are experiencing these changes in demand and consumer behavior in our local market here in South Florida as well. As of 2016, Airbnb had about 3,200 active hosts in Broward,  1,600 in Palm Beach County and 6,800 in Miami-Dade, according to Benjamin Breit, a Florida spokesman for the company. In 2016, the number of Airbnb hosts in Florida grew massively 74 % to 32,000, and together they accommodated 1.5 million visitors overall, company data shows.Three-County-Area-eb0eb6

But as more landlords are inclined to rent out their properties, the demand for this kind of accommodation has risen the demand for these kinds of accommodation. In a recently released report by TripAdvisor, more¬†travelers are swapping traditional hotel experiences for alternative accommodations. “Over the past 3 years, we’ve asked our travel community how likely they‚Äôd be to stay in a rental that year. The results speak for themselves.”




It’s no surprise that more and more travelers are inclined to rent alternative accommodation. Demand has never been higher, with 67% of travelers planning a vacation rental stay in 2016, jumping from 59% in 2015. This increase in demand means more bookings but the market has become very competitive. So the question lies in how to remain competitive?

At Ammos Vacation Rentals we truly believe that having an experienced property manager makes the difference when thinking of listing your property up for short term rentals. Some of the most common differences that separate us from the rest is the use of a state-of-the-art vacation rental software that allows us to connect our properties to several of the major reservation channels out there like Airbnb, booking.com, VrBo, Despegar.com, to name just a few; while keeping a synchronized calendar and neat operation in place.  These channels help us maximize occupancy levels to a 68% to 75 % on average per month versus 30-45% that an individual can attain when self-managing their units. Not to mention the responsibility and time that cost to attain such numbers. Another important factor that sets us apart, is our trusted network of recurrent customers that we have built over the years and that continue to visit each time they come to town, and not to mention the referral business our happy clients bring us.

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In addition, the service we offer differs from a self-managed unit in the that Ammos Vacation Rentals counts with an experienced team and  personnel that takes care of reservation requests, quotes as well as been able to book online in our just re-designed website http://toolboxsv.com/live/ammosfl.com/  once the booking is confirmed, passenger receives a warm e-mail greeting with their confirmation and instructions for check in. The day of the arrival, we have personnel waiting to check in and show the customer as well as become available during their stay for any special requests. At the time of check out, our cleaning personnel ensures that the customer successfully vacates the unit and returns the property in the same condition it was found. This makes the traveling experience much more pleasant than a one-man-team that lacks the time or the experience to offer the quality service we proudly offer at Ammos Vacation Rentals.

Last but not least, we have been one of the first players in our market to comply with Vacation Rentals Licenses issued by the Florida Department of Business Regulation (DBPR) and IRS tax compliances. We have long been complying with Sales Taxes and the just passed obligation to all Airbnb listings to pay the Tourist and Development taxes. We are happy to contribute with our civil obligations as well as keeping the competition fair with our fellow colleagues.

Taking from the just mentioned stats and our customer’s behavior we expect the Vacation Rental industry to continue to grow and we truly believe that having a professional company handle your property makes the difference.¬†If you are interested in having Ammos Vacation Rental manage your property, please send us a quick email to info@ammosfl.com and we will be happy to have one of our representatives reach out to you and tell you a bit more about our exciting business.




by: Hernan Gambertoglio,
Ammos Vacation Rental.
Director and Co-Founder.

Written by admin ‚ÄĘ April 14, 2017
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